Nossos produtores seguem as diretrizes da legislação REACH.Uma breve explicação:

"Our company is “downstream user” according to the REACH-prescription 1907/2006/EC.

Our duties are set down in title IV, article 31 - 36 “Information about the delivery chain” and in title V, article 37 - 39 “Downstream users”. We confirm that we know these duties and we also confirm that we are legally required to respect these duties within REACH. The duties regarding the “downstream user” are obligatory for us since 01.06.2008.

As the use and exposition categories of our products are concerned, we can generally inform you today that we manufacture products made of different plastic materials.

Only the manufacturers and importers of substances are responsible for the required pre-registration and registration of these substances. Furthermore we confirm that we have also asked all previous participants in the delivery chain to pre-register and to register the substances according to article 28 of the REACH-prescription.

We confirm that we take all necessary organization measures to fulfill the REACH-requirements."

Siga o link para os procedimentos REACH, os produtos químicos envolvidos, os métodos e ferramentas utilizados e todas as partes envolvidas para obter mais informações